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The 5 Best Kennels for Large Breed Dogs

In the market for an excellent kennel to hold your large breed dog? Check out this list

There are plenty of dog crate options on the market, but not all can promise top-tier protection like Dakota 283 kennels. Knowing that, we offer plenty of options for types of breeds, but what if your dog lands in our “large” category?

Below are five of the best kennels for large breed dogs and their use in the world. 

The G3 Large Frame Kennel

Easily one of our most popular products, the G3 Large Frame kennel has plenty of space for large hunting dog breeds or others of similar size and was created for the everyday dog owner. From an American Pit Bull Terrier to German Shorthaired Pointers, the large G3 provides ample room boasting a 33L x 22.8W x 26.2H interior. 

The large G3 also has excellent airflow. With 40 ventilation holes, you’ll have peace of mind that whether your dog is in the bed of your truck or in the back of your SUV with the windows down, it will stay cool when needed. 

When it comes to customization, the large G3 comes in eight different color options, as well as with Dakota Guard™ to make sure your dog is protected from harmful microbes. To read more about the large G3 kennel, click here.

The Original Kennebec Kennel

One of our favorite kennels, the Original Kennebec kennel is what pushed Dakota 283 into the kennel market. Also created for the everyday dog owner and hunter, the Kennebec will fit many large breed dogs. 

The Kennebec interior comes in at 31.8L x 20.4W x 22.25H, so slightly smaller than the G3 but easier to fit into hatchback vehicles. Another upside to this kennel is its ability to stack on top of our Badlands Vault. 

Although there’s only one color option, you can still add Dakota Guard™ to this when purchasing to add that extra level of protection. To read more about the Original Kennebec, click here

The Kennebec Jet Stream Airline Kennel

We understand frequently flying – or even one rough trip – can turn a dog owner off from transporting their pet. That’s why we took the Original Kennebec and made it fit the standards of air travel, giving you the peace of mind that your dog will always be protected while in the air with the Kennebec Jet Stream kennel.

Being so, this kennel may not be for everyone. It retains the same specifications of the Original Kennebec, but comes at a steeper price for upgraded handless and slight design changes. 

The Jet Stream provides excellent ventilation, something necessary when in the cargo bay of an airplane, and provides easy places to store food and water bowls so the attending flight staff can take care of your dog. It also is easy to clean in the case of your dog having an accident or a spill, and comes with Dakota Guard™. 

To read more about the Kennebec Jet Stream, click here. We also have a comprehensive guide to flying with a dog that you can read here

The 2D Side Entry Kennel

The 2D Side Entry Kennel, while a hybrid of the medium and large-sized G3 kennels, still makes the list as it provides ample room for some large breed dogs. 

Further, the versatility of the 2D is unmatched, providing the user two doors to load a dog. This makes it great for smaller hatchbacks where you may need to adjust the kennel frequently. The 2D holds a 28.9L x 19.6W x 26.26H interior, essentially a middle ground between the medium and large G3 kennels dimensions. 

Just as the other kennels on this list, the 2D comes with the option to add Dakota Guard™. To read more about the 2D Side Entry kennel, click here

The Hero Kennels

Our toughest kennel is made for the toughest dogs out there – military and police K9s. 

The Hero Kennel, while pushing the boundaries of an extra-large kennel, has a 35L x 18.5W x 27.75H interior, and boasts a triple locking stainless steel door for enhanced peace of mind.  The door is different than our other kennels to prevent chewing but still provides proper ventilation and sight into the kennel for handlers to know the dog is OK. 

The Hero Kennel also provides easy tie-down spots and provides the excellent protection only Dakota 283 products can. And, while sturdier than our other kennels, it’s still lightweight and easy to transport, ranging in around 54 pounds. 

All said this is not the kennel for the everyday owner or hunter. It’s designed for highly aggressive and working dogs like German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois that put their life on the line in service of the United States. 

To see the Hero Kennel in action, click here for our latest feature film. 

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