An American Pitbull mix sits in her Dakota 283 G3 Large Kennel.
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Exploring the G3 Large Framed Kennel

How to decide if the G3 Large Framed Kennel is the right option for you

You wouldn’t think it, but there’s a lot of thought that goes into buying a premium kennel.

What if I waste my money on a gimmick? What happens if my dog doesn’t like the kennel? Is it truly worth the money?

These are all questions that may occupy our minds and eventually lead us to a big-box store, buying a series of crates over time that, at some point, will do more damage to your wallet than buying a kennel that will last for the entirety of the dog’s life – and potentially another, if it’s the same size.

Does size actually matter?

You may be thinking, “I have a 50-pound coonhound and we buy her medium-sized gear, so the medium-sized kennel will work,” but this isn’t always the case. 

When buying a more expensive kennel, you want to make sure the measurements will line up with your dog and the place you’re going to keep it. You don’t want to buy too small of a kennel that is tight around your dog but fits in your compact SUV, and you don’t want to buy too big of a kennel that your dog gets hurts in the event of an accident. 

For this article, let’s use the G3 Large Framed Kennel as the overarching example. The interior dimensions of the G3 Large are 33L x 22.8W x 26.2H, so what does that mean for your dog? At Dakota 283 we suggest owners measure the height and length of their dog and add 3 inches to determine what size crate they need. So, if you have a dog that’s 29 inches long and 19 inches tall, the G3 large would be your best option. 

We suggest adding those extra inches so your dog can comfortably stand and turn around. But how do you correctly measure? Using a tailor’s tape measure, start at the tip of your dog’s nose to the base of their tail to determine length, and from the floor to the top of the dog’s head while they’re standing to determine the height. 

And about your car? We’ve seen our large framed G3 kennel fit in many different vehicles, from the bed of a truck to the back of a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. Still, it’s best to measure the space you have and account for the items you’ll need to bring with you on trips like totes, gun cases, camping gear, or our Vault system. Our G3 Large Frame exterior measurements are 35.2L x 24.5W x 26.5H, so take note of the space you have and compare – you don’t want to buy a kennel just to find out it doesn’t fit. 

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