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2D Side Entry

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Our most versatile kennel. This dog kennel is created for ease of entry for your dog. It can easily fit into any space, and you can access the create from two sides. It is created in one solid piece to hold up on all the adventures you and your dogs take.

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Dark Granite

Dakota 283 2D Side Entry Sizing

The 2D Side Entry Dakota 283 kennel is built for medium to large breed dogs with the versatility of access in mind. You will get the proper safe space for your four-legged friend to feel at home.

How to Measure and Find the Perfect Kennel Size for your Dog

Exterior Dimensions: 31L x 21.5W x 29.5H/ Weight: 43 lbs

Interior Dimensions: 28.9L x 19.6 x 26.25H

Door Openings:  16.5W x 21.5H



The Dakota 283 2D Side-Entry Framed Door Kennel is our most versatile dog kennel. The kennel provides ease of entry for your dog with access to the crate from two separate sides. It is made with solid one-piece construction to hold up on all the adventures you and your dogs take and easily fits into any space or vehicle. The G3 side-entry model also offers two paddle locking doors and plenty of ventilation. Clean up is a snap with the small drain holes in the corners. Feel at ease, knowing that your pet is protected by the highest quality plastic molded kennels available on the market today.


  • Easy-Grip Handle
  • Front and Side doors
  • Keyed Paddle Latching Door
  • Large Ventilation Holes: 16 on one side of the kennel and 8 on the door side – 24 total
  • Easy-to-Clean Drain Hole
  • Recess for Crate Stacking (Kit Sold Separately)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 31L x 21.5W x 29.5H / Weight: 43 lbs
  • Interior Dimensions: 28.9L x 19.6 x 26.25H

(Free Shipping to Continental US only.)

Additional information

Additional information


Dark Granite

Dakota Guard

with Dakota Guard™, No Antimicrobial Protection

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1 review for 2D Side Entry

  1. Robert S. (verified owner)

    This is a great kennel for hotel travel and use around the house. It’s light enough to move everyday if you need to. It straps easily and securely into the truck bed. It has a unique size that seems to fit really well everywhere. We store ours in a bathroom linen cabinet. The side door allows you to load on a luggage cart and put your dog in and you can place the kennel along a wall instead of perpendicular to the wall, saving space in your room. Most kennel pads fit nicely in the bottom. It’s very easy to clean. The unique size is also con because I can’t seem to find a winter cover that fits this thing. Another con is that the powder coat on the door assembly started coming off almost immediately.

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Dakota Guard™

Dakota Guard™ is an FDA and EPA-approved additive that is included in small quantities during a product's production. This results in Dakota 283 products that protect your pet’s health and safety from the invisible world. Proven highly effective against MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, staphylococcus, many 'gram-positive' and 'gram-negative' organisms, and dozens of common dangerous organisms.

  •   > Long-lasting
  •   > Provides up to 98% protection
  •   > Just another way Dakota 283 is committed to keeping your pets safe!
Limitations and Warnings
Dakota 283 manufactures high-quality and innovative products to contain and protect your dog. We take pride in serving the vast majority of the dog population with our products. With that said, our framed door kennel products can not contain ALL dogs. We expect that there are some breeds and or pets that are beyond containment with our products. While we have had great success in kenneling aggressive dogs, we are not claiming that we can contain every dog. A good example would be a very aggressive Belgian Malinois. Dog owners know their dogs intimately and should be the person that makes the final determination regarding the use of any product or kennel. We are regularly working on additional products and upgraded designs that will give a higher degree of containment for aggressive breeds. If you have any questions concerning these products or if a kennel is right for your dog, please reach out to us so we may help you through the decision process. Dakota 283 products are exceptionally durable and with proper care will provide many years of use for you and your pet. The Dakota 283 product warranty does not cover items not purchased from our website or an authorized Dakota 283 dealer, damage caused by abuse or alteration of the product, not using the product as intended, improper installation, wear and tear, and chewing or damage caused by your pet. Knowing your pet’s personality, crate training, and properly supervising your pet while using our products will ensure your Dakota 283 product will last and provide years of Unparalleled Pet Protection.