Miracle the Labradoodle in Kennel
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Miracle of Turner Turnpike: Part Two

Jessie and Valarie Hinther rescued a Labradoodle they named Miracle after the dog survived being shot in the chest and thrown off an overpass.

Touched by Miracle’s story and Jessie and Valarie’s unwavering heroism, Dakota 283, a brand of Tank Holding Corp., determined to step up and support the Hinther family during Miracle’s recovery, donated two kennels and kennel mats to the Hinthers following the rescue.

Dedicated to the motto “Unparalleled Pet Protection,” Dakota 283 brings 18+ years’ military molding experience to create top-of-the-line dog kennels and pet products that are built to stand the test of time and protect our beloved pets.

Jessie reached out to Dakota 283, saying, “I can’t thank you enough for your generous donation… Miracle’s surgery was successful and we were very thankful to have them prior to transporting her as she was able to come home safely yesterday.” He remarked that Miracle loves her kennel, and “it was actually hard to get her to leave it!”

Following her ACL surgery, Miracle returned to her new home doing well, if a bit lethargic, and is an absolute joy in the household. In addition to Halo Animal Hospital, Kym’s Kritter Kuts who groomed her after the rescue, and Dakota 283, Miracle has received an outpouring of love and support from those who have heard her story.

To share your miracle story or let us know what Unparalleled Pet Protection means to you, email social@goodideasinc.com and get 10% off at Dakota283.com. 

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