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Miracle of Turner Turnpike: Part Three

Jessie and Valarie Hinther rescued a Labradoodle they named Miracle after the dog survived being shot in the chest and thrown off an overpass. Touched by Miracle’s story and Jessie and Valarie’s unwavering heroism, Dakota 283 donated two kennels and kennel mats to the Hinthers following the rescue.

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Jessie Hinther says Miracle is doing well after her surgery. Six days post-surgery, she was starting to walk a little. “I told her if she could walk to my truck we would walk her in wagon around the neighborhood and the poor girl literally walked through my kitchen into the garage and laid down by my truck.”

According to Jessie and Valarie, Miracle still has a long road ahead. “We were able to get her groomed this week to remove all of the horrible matting… After removing the way overgrown matted fur, we noticed her paws turned outward at an odd angle. The vet said she’s experiencing a form of atrophy in her front paws commonly known as muscle laxity. This is more than likely from not being able to use them over the past month.  That said, we are very pleased with her progress and all of the outpouring of love she has received.”

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