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How to Properly Protect Your Dog and Kennel from Theft on the Road

It’s not something you think about until someone steals your dog or kennel; this is how to prevent that from ever happening

It’s one of those things you don’t think about until it happens. 

Imagine, leaving your dog unattended in its kennel for a short period of time – you’ve done it 100 times, right? – to come back and find your dog missing. 

Unfortunately, dog theft is more common than you’d think. Luckily, there are a few ways to prevent this from happening, and they’re all easy steps to take. 

Buying a kennel with a locking door

First and foremost, when choosing a kennel for your dog, you always want to buy one that has a security lock. All Dakota 283 kennels come with locking doors and two keys, so there’s always a spare in case you lose one or want to stow the backup easily. 

While a locking door is the first step in protecting your dog from theft, but also prevents your dog from running away in the case of a crash. While doors don’t typically pop open on impact, it’s still possible they can come unlatched. 

Securing your kennel to your vehicle

Because kennels, specifically car kennels, are portable, door locks aren’t the only way to keep your dog safe from theft. Many SUVs and trucks have latches that are extremely durable or attached to the frame of the car. These accommodate cable bike locks, which then attach to either the carrying handle or through two of the ventilation ports on the kennel. 

Employ this method with your locking kennel for peace of mind when you leave your dog unattended, especially if you run multiple dogs while hunting. But, also keep in mind that these methods are not foolproof, and can still fail if not done properly. 

The best way to protect your dog

While it’s not always conducive to the activity you’re doing, the best form of protection is having your dog with you. Then you know where they are and can protect them if need be. 

Keeping your dog with you can also protect it from exposure to heat or the cold, or anything else that can happen when you’re not around.

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