Two Dakota 283 Badlands Vaults sit next to each other.

Exploring the Dakota 283 Vault Storage System

Dakota 283 isn’t just a kennel company, we’re a lifestyle brand; check out our line of storage options for your most precious gear

The explosion in popularity of modular vehicular organization was one of the reasons Dakota 283 was founded, and to this day our Badlands Vaults are still wildly popular.

Since our conception and release of the Badlands 283 Vault, we’ve expanded our collection to host the Badlands 283 Lite and UTV 283 vaults, both some of the finest pieces you’ll find on the market. 

Original Badlands 283 and 283 Lite vaults

Our original Badlands is the ultimate piece of storage for hunters that are either spending weeks to months on the road each year, or want to protect their most valuable gear no matter where they are. Speaking of, what can you fit in the Badlands? With five different sections, a 54.5-inch depth, 16.5-inch width, and 10.7-inch height, hunters can utilize it for scoped or unscoped rifles, shotguns, spotting scopes and other optics, packable vests, camera equipment, or anything you need and can fit! 

Further, the Badlands will fit in most standard truck beds and SUV cargo areas, but make sure you measure first to make sure it can accommodate a 63-inch depth. It’s also heavy, sitting empty at 100 pounds, so keep this in mind to make sure your vehicle can haul that in addition to other pieces of gear you may have. 

And don’t be afraid to put gear on top of the Badlands. Built to hold up to nearly everything, you can stack the Original Kennebec Kennel on top of this or use it as a platform for your UTV or ATV. It’s also weatherproof. 

The Badlands Lite is everything the original Badlands is, just slightly different. 

With a different lock and more customization with the drawer, the Badlands Lite is still the same dimensions and weight of the original. It also comes in almost $200 less than the original. 

The UTV 283 Lifestyle Vault

We realized after releasing our Badlands and Badlands Lite models that we were leaving out a large group of our customer base. That’s why we created a vault for UTVs! 

Designed to keep your gear safely locked away, dry, and secure, the UTV 283 Lifestyle will hold virtually everything: tools, firearms, ammunition, fishing gear, and so much more. Plus, you don’t sacrifice the ability to put anything else in the bed of the UTV, as this lifestyle vault is designed to hold a Dakota 283 G3 Medium Frame Kennel, coolers, and other gear. 

With adjustable dividers, and 4 cubic feet of space, UTV owners can rest easy knowing their gear will fit and stay safe for any adventure you go on. Dimensions clock in at 43-inches wide, 6-inches deep, and 27.5-inches long with a 51-inch diagonal measurement. 

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