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Exploring the Original Kennebec Kennel

Sometimes you want to stick with the tried and true, original product; enter the Dakota 283 Kennebec Kennel

While we offer plenty of options for a multitude of customers, sometimes you have to stick with the original. 

The Kennebec holds a special place in our line – the one that helped propel the Dakota 283 brand into the future. 

Just as the other kennels in our line, the Kennebec is a rotomolded, one-piece plastic construction that offers the proper amount of space for large-breed dogs and protection from even the worst circumstances. Plus, the kennel has 32 ventilation holes, so, as long as there’s proper airflow, your dog will remain cool in the warmer months. 

As for its size, the Kennebec boasts a 31.8-by-20.4-by-22.25-inch interior and 35.2-by-23.75-by-24.25-inch exterior, meaning it will fit in most hatchbacks, as well as truck beds and SUV cargo areas. Further, for extra safety, the Kennebec door locks, giving your dog an extra layer of protection against possible theft. 

Lastly, the Kennebec was designed to perfectly align with our Badlands Vault to create a two-layer hunt system to store both the gun dog and the firearms, ammo, and other gear hunters need. 

Fitting your dog for a Dakota 283 kennel

Fitting your dog for one of our kennels is a must, as guessing can endanger your dog in the case of a serious vehicle accident. And, after measuring, we suggest adding 3 inches to each measurement so your dog can comfortably stand and turn around. So how do you correctly measure? 

Using a tailor’s tape measure, start at the tip of your dog’s nose to the base of their tail to determine length, and from the floor to the top of the dog’s head while they’re standing to determine the height. If your dog doesn’t like the sizing process, you can lay it down on the floor or a bed to get these measurements as well. 

Keep in mind, sizing your dog with tailor’s tape is the best way to choose the correct size for a kennel. You don’t want to determine your purchase based on other sizable gear you buy for your dog. For your dog’s safety, getting the right size is key. 

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