A lab sits in its 2D Side Entry kennel.
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Exploring the 2D Side Entry Kennel

A versatile kennel for versatile dogs, the 2D Side Entry kennel offers plenty of space for large or medium breeds

Sometimes our kennels need to be as versatile as our dogs, and that’s why we created the 2D Side Entry Kennel.

Essentially a hybrid of our G3 Medium and Large Frame kennels, the 2D easily fits in any space – great for hatchback owners. It allows your dog to enter or exit from the traditional front door or a side door, and boasts a 31-by-21.5-by-29.5-inch exterior. Note, this is taller than the G3 Large Frame model but the same width and length as the G3 Medium Frame kennel. 

Because of its size, the 2D is built for medium to large-sized dogs while still providing plenty of space for your pup to move around and lie down comfortably. The interior is 28.9-by-19.6-by-26.25-inches, which is between the medium and large frame G3 kennels.

The 2D is also easy to carry, despite its 43-pound weight, with its top carrying handle found in the middle of the roof. 

Measuring your dog for the 2D Side Entry kennel

When measuring your dog for any Dakota 283 kennel, make sure you’re using tailor’s tape. Place one end at the tip of your dog’s nose and measure to the base of its tail to get length, then measure from the floor to the top of its crown for height. 

To make sure your dog has plenty of room to stand and move around, add 3 inches to both measurements, and then compare to the interior dimensions. 

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