a dog steps out of his kennebec jet stream.
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Exploring the Kennebec Jet Stream Kennel

The perfect travel companion for your four-legged friend, consider the Dakota 283 Kennebec Jet Stream kennel if you find yourself constantly running through airports

Are you constantly traveling through airports with your dog and want to make sure it always has the proper protection? Do you need a kennel that will stand up to the rigors of airline checks and handling? Then the answer is the Dakota 283 Kennebec Jet Stream

Adapted from our original Kennebec design, the Jet Stream is built for air travel and is easier to tote around with upgraded carrying handles. It hosts large breed dogs, though its streamlined look makes it appear smaller. Still impervious to crushing, cracking, or other damage, the Jet Stream provides excellent air circulation – a necessity for the changing temperatures in airplane cargo areas – and is easy to clean in case your dog has an accident en route to your destination. 

Keep in mind when buying a travel kennel that each airline has its own size requirements. Still, the Jet Stream’s 35.2-by-23.75-by-24.25-inch exterior should be accepted by most U.S. airlines. Be sure to check for halts to shipping services, too, as many airlines paused this service during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sizing your dog for the Kennebec Jet Stream kennel

As noted, the Kennebec Jet Stream kennel was designed for large breed dogs, constructed with a 31.8-by-20.4-by-22.25-inch interior. The Jet Stream is slightly smaller than the G3 Large Frame Kennel and the same size as the Kennebec, in and out. 

When measuring your dog for the Jet Stream – and any Dakota 283 kennel, for that matter – make sure you’re using tailor’s tape. Place one end at the tip of your dog’s nose and measure to the base of its tail to get length, then measure from the floor to the top of its crown for height. To make sure your dog has plenty of room to stand and move around, add 3 inches to both measurements.

It’s as simple as that.

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