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Our Story – A Dakota 283 Film

Join us as we dive into our history, from the founding of the company to the plans we have for the future

As the old truck navigated the backroad corner, the familiar slip and skid sent gravel flying and dust billowing upwards, adding to the idyllic farm setting. Greg’s face was relaxed, peering at the cloud in his wake, admiring how it amplified the fiery orange sunset to the West. This was his slice of heaven.

Working the farm is more therapy than practical economics for both Greg and Jane Cronkhite, founders and owners of Dakota 283. South Dakota is a nostalgic place for Greg, standing in juxtaposition to his Sterling Technologies factory in Pennsylvania where the bustle of life and industry is a world removed from his childhood in northern Illinois. This farm is more than a home, it’s a place of reconnecting with the things that matter most to the Cronkhites.

It’s the very place Dakota 283 got its name, the 283 taken from the street address.

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