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Designed with working dogs in mind, the Dakota 283 Hero Kennel is named for the heroes it was built to protect. Originally for Military and Police dogs, the Hero Kennel is molded from military-grade materials in one solid piece and provides an extra layer of security with a triple-locking, stainless steel door that can be closed with one hand.

Coyote Granite
Dark Granite

Dakota 283 Hero Kennel Sizing

The Dakota 283 Hero kennel is built for large working breed dogs. From that German Shepherd to that larger Labrador Retriever, you will get the proper safe space for your four-legged friend to feel at home.

How to Measure and Find the Perfect Kennel Size for your Dog

Exterior Dimensions: 40.25L x 26W x 30.1H/ Weight 54lbs

Interior Dimensions: 35L x 18.5W x 27.75H

Door Opening: 13.25W x 21.75H



The Dakota 283 Hero Kennel is designed with working dogs in mind. Named for the heroes it was built to protect, the Hero Kennel was originally built for military and police dogs. It is molded and assembled in the USA in one solid, seamless piece from rugged, military-grade materials that have been tested in the harshest of environments.

Made from material that’s sturdy and impact resistant but still light enough to move easily, this kennel is the perfect solution for individuals that have aggressive dogs or those who are just looking for an additional layer of security. The heavy-duty, stainless-steel door and components provide the ultimate in Unparalleled Pet Protection. The durable, triple-locking door is slammable and can be opened or closed with just one hand. The addition of top and bottom pin latches adds extra security while the lockable paddle latch will also keep pets safe from theft.

The solid, molded-in handles on each side make this kennel easy to transport and put into vehicles. The handles can also be used as tie-down points, allowing the crate to be secured in place easily into any vehicle. Small, scattered ventilation holes prevent chewing while still providing plenty of airflow. The crate also features a rear drainage hole for easy cleaning.


  • Heavy-duty, military-grade design
  • Small, scattered ventilation holes to prevent chewing while still providing plenty of airflow
  • Molded-in handles on each side of the crate
  • Perfect for aggressive dogs or those that need additional security
  • A lockable keyed paddle latch will keep pets safe from theft.
Additional information

Additional information


Coyote Granite, Dark Granite, Olive, Orange

Dakota Guard

with Dakota Guard™, No Antimicrobial Protection

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Dakota Hero Kennel

  1. pendulumk9

    I have 2 of the Hero Edition crates and I have been very pleased with them. The door construction is solid and I do not have to worry about dogs breaking out of these. With the recent modifications done to the ventilation hole size and spacing, I do not see how a dog could chew through one of these.

  2. S (verified owner)

    The only reason I’m giving four stars is due to the quality control. I know a few other handlers that have these crates with no issues. When I received mine, it had a screw that had dislodged from the lower dead bolt and a loose(minor) strike plate. Luckily I found the screw and was able to fix that no problem, but the strike plate is riveted in.

    It also seems the door is slightly out of alignment as the top deadbolt takes some maneuvering to lock it into place and I quite literally have to slam the door to shut it. Once it’s shut and the deadbolt seats it’s bulletproof though.

    The only thing I can think of is it’s shipping method that caused the problems. It shipped literally across the country to me and was only packaged in a cardboard box and plastic wrap. I know FedEx isn’t too kind on their cargo so I’m assuming it got knocked around pretty good during shipping.

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Dakota Guard™

Dakota Guard™ is an FDA and EPA-approved additive that is included in small quantities during a product's production. This results in Dakota 283 products that protect your pet’s health and safety from the invisible world. Proven highly effective against MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, staphylococcus, many 'gram-positive' and 'gram-negative' organisms, and dozens of common dangerous organisms.

  •   > Long-lasting
  •   > Provides up to 98% protection
  •   > Just another way Dakota 283 is committed to keeping your pets safe!
Limitations and Warnings
Dakota 283 manufactures high-quality and innovative products to contain and protect your dog. We take pride in serving the vast majority of the dog population with our products. With that said, our framed door kennel products can not contain ALL dogs. We expect that there are some breeds and or pets that are beyond containment with our products. While we have had great success in kenneling aggressive dogs, we are not claiming that we can contain every dog. A good example would be a very aggressive Belgian Malinois. Dog owners know their dogs intimately and should be the person that makes the final determination regarding the use of any product or kennel. We are regularly working on additional products and upgraded designs that will give a higher degree of containment for aggressive breeds. If you have any questions concerning these products or if a kennel is right for your dog, please reach out to us so we may help you through the decision process. Dakota 283 products are exceptionally durable and with proper care will provide many years of use for you and your pet. The Dakota 283 product warranty does not cover items not purchased from our website or an authorized Dakota 283 dealer, damage caused by abuse or alteration of the product, not using the product as intended, improper installation, wear and tear, and chewing or damage caused by your pet. Knowing your pet’s personality, crate training, and properly supervising your pet while using our products will ensure your Dakota 283 product will last and provide years of Unparalleled Pet Protection.