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Top 3 Kennels of 2021

A new year brings on new products from many kennel and crate manufactures across the country. It is an exciting time to be in the business of keeping our dogs safe and Dakota 283 continues to push the bar by blending the latest in safety as well as practical considerations for active lifestyles. Here is a look at the top three kennels and crates of 2021 in our expanding lineup of creative dog solutions.

The G3 Kennel

The G3 Kennel series, short for Generation 3, is an ongoing evolution of the core Dakota 283 product, birthed out of the rotomolding technology that we have applied from military logistic to everyday pet safety. The biggest leap the G3 took was an upgraded door and key lock system for both safety and security of our dogs. More recently, we have began offering our trademarked Dakota Guard, a 98% effective antimicrobial additive that is FDA and EPA approved. Both of these improvements continue our underlying mission of “unparalleled pet protection.”

The fundamental design of the Dakota 283 G3 kennel is a single-piece rotomolded construction with a built in handle for better handling and no assembly required. It comes with 32 venting holes on the left and right sides of the kennel as well as a convenient drain hole on the bottom of the back of the kennel for easy cleaning.

Three sizes are currently available in the G3 crate line. The XL, which holds the largest of dog breeds like German Shepherds and Mastiffs, the Large, which holds your standard Golden Retriever and Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, and then the Medium dog kennel, which is built for dogs that are in the 35 to 55-pound range. New kennel size offerings will become available later this year for smaller dogs to increase our commitment to safety of all our four-legged friends.

The G3 line also has a wide range of color offerings (8 Colors) to allow for a more personalized experience for both you and your dog. The G3 being our core kennel line is also compatible with our Forever Kennel Insert Divider for Puppies. This allows the same kennel to be used from puppyhood all the way to full size for a more convenient and practical one-time kennel purchase.

The Dakota Hero Kennel

The Dakota Hero Kennel was designed to accommodated the needs of working dogs – from military to law enforcement and is built to handle the toughest of dogs. The full steel door locks in three locations, two solid bolts, and one keyed entry handle.

Like the G3 kennel model, the Hero kennel is a single piece design for an overall stronger dog crate than its competitors. The use of rotomolded plastics (built in the same US factory producing military storage crates) is far safer than aluminum and alternate material designs. It is also available in our new antimicrobial Dakota Guard as an option.

This kennel is only offered in one size with interior dimensions of 35L x 18.5W x 27.75H which will accommodate large breed dogs like German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. It also works well for ant dog with aggression and chewing issues.

The 2D Side Entry

While it was hard to narrow down the last choice for the top three kennels of 2021, we had to go with the Dakota 283 2D Side Entry. This kennel was one of the first alternatives to our classic model, designed to meet the demands of dog owners looking for both a side door and front door option to make setup in vehicles more versatile. The concept of this kennel begins with the base of the Dakota 283 G3 model along with all of its features while adding the two door entry. This kennel is comparable in size to the G3 Medium crate and works well for dogs from the 30 to 55 pound range like a German Shorthaired Pointer or Brittany.

User feedback plays a big role in all our kennel development and, as one of the most popular models, the 2D Side Entry was no exception to that commitment to practical everyday use. For multi-dog setups,  both the G3 and the Side Entry work with our kennel stacking accessory to increase the versatility of this line of kennels.

Whether you have larger breed or just need plain high-quality practical application, the Dakota 283 line includes 8 current kennel models, all being offered with the Dakota Guard antimicrobial option. The overall theme and commitment of kennel and crate development is to achieve two major priorities, your pet’s safety and the practical everyday use and mobility of a crate. From our background in military storage development, to years of experience in kennel production, our engineers continue to satisfy the needs of the modern dog owner with “Unparalleled Pet Protection.”

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4 thoughts on “Top 3 Kennels of 2021

  1. Jason Goldstein says:

    Do you have any recommendations for a breathable, waterproof kennel pad/cot for the hero kennel? I can’t find anything because of how narrow it is

  2. Kirsten says:

    Would love it if you made the 2D side entry in a large!

  3. jakeconn59 says:

    Please notify me when Sandstone is available in large,283,single door.

  4. Victoria Vidal-Ribas says:

    Really hope that we can persuade you to make a side door in the larger size. Would buy it immediately. Current model is just too small alas. Love your products.

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