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Exploring the T1 Low Profile Kennel

Looking for a kennel to fit your small or medium-sized pup? The T1 Low Profile may be the one for you

A lot of folks worry about their car space when looking for a kennel, but before you set your heart on one of those bigger models and try to modify your vehicle, we have a solution: the T1 Low Profile Kennel

With a 24.8-by-18.75-by-19.5-inch interior, the T1 Low Profile holds small to medium-sized dogs and boasts a 30-by-21.5-by-20-inch exterior to fit in tight spaces like a smaller hatchback or under a truck’s Tonneau cover. 

Just like our other kennels, the T1 is a single-piece, rotomolded kennel assembled in Erie, Pennsylvania. It provides excellent protection in the case of an accident, and come with a keyed paddle latching door that locks for extra safety. Because this is meant to fit in tight areas, it comes with plenty of ventilation holes to keep your dog cool when needed and is easy to clean in case your dog has an accident. 

The T1 is also much lighter than our other models sitting at 25 pounds empty and has an easy-grip handle in the back for transport. 

Sizing your dog for the T1 Low Profile Kennel

When sizing your dog for a Dakota 283 kennel, we suggest finding the length and height of the dog then adding 3 inches to those measurements. 

Using tailor’s tape, place one end on the tip of your dog’s nose and measure to the base of its tail for its length, then measure from the floor to the top of its crown for height. 

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