Dakota 283 owner Greg Cronkhite poses for a photo.

Greg Cronkhite of Dakota 283 Featured on Project Upland Podcast #079 – Dakota 283 Archives

Pulled from the vault, Dakota 283 founder and owner Greg Cronkhite talks with Nick Larson on Episode 79 of the Project Upland Podcast 1 year ago about his early days in the hunting world and journey since

Greg Cronkhite, founder and owner of Dakota 283 Kennels joins the Project Upland Podcast to talk all things upland hunting and bird dogs.

“Growing up a dogless bird hunter like myself, Greg and I have more in common than we even realized–including one of our favorite hockey teams,” Project Upland Podcast Host Nick Larson said. “Greg’s background in bird hunting eventually found its way into his already successful rotational molding business. Sterling Technologies designs and develops rotational molded plastic products to the highest degree (mil-spec) which is the same level of design and engineering that goes into Dakota 283 gundog kennels.”

Sit back and enjoy this episode pulled from the vault!

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