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Choosing the Best Travel Kennel for your Dog

There are ways to make sure you provide your dog with the best protection in a travel kennel; learn how with this quick guide

Believe it or not, there is a specific way to choose the right travel kennel for your dog – if you want to do it correctly, that is. 

Different factors play into this: size, mannerisms, breed, and more. So, let’s break it down. 

Choosing a kennel based on a dog’s size

The first thing you want to do when you choose your kennel is measure your dog. Note: dogs that wear large clothes or harnesses do not always require large kennels. Knowing this, using tailors tape measure your dog from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail; this determines the length. Next, measure from the floor to the tip of the dog’s crown; this determines the dog’s height. 

Once you determine your dog’s length and height, compare them to the interior dimensions of different kennels. You may find a list that fit your dog – one that’s hard to pick from. If so, take into account both the activities you and your dog do together and your dog’s attitude, drive, and purpose.

Choosing a kennel based on attitude, drive, and purpose

We understand dogs are incredibly versatile (and sometimes complicated), which is why we provide so many kennel options. If you have a high-drive hunting dog, you’re going to want a different kennel than a tempered “family” dog – family meaning you don’t hunt or work with it. You may also find your dog’s high drive leads them to chew relentlessly on things, including their home kennel, and need something that protects them from hurting themself. 

By choosing the right kennel, you can mitigate the latter and give them the correct space to relax. 

But, that being said, you can certainly buy a kennel for a dog that switches to family-mode when around children or others, but is locked into birds when the vest and gun comes out.

All but one of our kennels are designed for a vast majority of hunting breeds, but also work well for low- to mid-energy pups that don’t partake. The only model that is built for high-energy hunting and working dogs is our Hero Series. With a different door design, the Hero Kennel has three locking mechanisms and smaller ventilation holes. 

Choosing a kennel based on activity and travel style

With the list narrowing down significantly, the last thing to take into account is what you do with your dog. If you’re driving to hunt, fish, hike, or camp, and you have the room for a G3 in your vehicle, that may be what works best. If you do all of that but lack space, a Kennebec, T1 Low Profile, or 2D Side Entry might be the best option. 

But what if you are a frequent flyer and bring your dog on hunts? This calls for our Kennebec Jet Stream. While it is nearly the same model of the Original Kennebec, it’s been created to hold up to the rigors of air travel. That being said, if the Original Kennebec is on your list for car travel but you also fly a lot, the Jet Stream would be the more viable option. 

Additionally, don’t forget to measure the space of your vehicle. You don’t want to set your mind on one kennel option just to find out it doesn’t fit!

Final thoughts

No matter the kennel you choose, you’ll always have the peace of mind that a Dakota 283 kennel will keep your dog safe no matter the adventure. Rotomolded from a single piece of military-grade plastic our kennels rugged and tough making them impervious to crushing, cracking and other damage. 

Finally, we always warn customers that our framed door kennel products can not contain all dogs. We expect that there are some breeds and or pets that are beyond containment with our products. While we have had great success in kenneling aggressive dogs, we are not claiming that we can contain every dog. A good example would be a very aggressive Belgian Malinois. 

Remember: you, the owner, know your dog intimately and should be the person that makes the final determination regarding the use of any product or kennel. We are regularly working on additional products and upgraded designs that will give a higher degree of containment for aggressive breeds. If you have any questions concerning these products or if a kennel is right for your dog, please reach out to us so we may help you through the decision process.

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