a Labrador retriever sits next to a Dakota 283 kennel in the Spring
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Exploring the G3 XL Framed Kennel

Sometimes you just need a little extra space for your large-breed dog; the G3 X-Large Framed Kennel provides that

You’ve set your heart on buying a G3 kennel, but the medium and large framed kennel options aren’t fitting the bill – no pun intended. 

Enter the G3 X-Large Framed Kennel, for some of the largest breeds out there. 

Our XL G3 touts its ability to house dogs ranging from German Shepards to large Labrador retrievers, and boasts a roomy 36-by-23.75-by-29.25-inch interior. Being that it’s our XL Frame and you want this to suit the needs of a versatile home and travel kennel, keep in mind this may need to sit in the bed of a truck or will require a large cargo area. This comes from its 38.5-by-25.5-by-29.5-inch exterior dimensions. 

Still, with every feature of our other G3 kennels, you know that it provides premier protection against theft and car accidents, and is also extremely easy to clean. It’s also airy, with 40 ventilation holes around the frame, so your dog’s temperature will stay in check. 

Fitting your dog for a Dakota 283 kennel

When it comes to sizing your dog for one of our kennels, we suggest adding those extra inches so your dog can comfortably stand and turn around. But how do you correctly measure? 

Using a tailor’s tape measure, start at the tip of your dog’s nose to the base of their tail to determine length, and from the floor to the top of the dog’s head while they’re standing to determine the height. If your dog doesn’t like the sizing process, you can lay it down on the floor or a bed to get these measurements as well. 

Keep in mind, sizing your dog with tailor’s tape is the best way to choose the correct size for a kennel. You don’t want to determine your purchase based on the notion that, because you buy your large-sized dog large-sized clothing or gear, you can buy the large-framed kennel. For your dog’s safety, getting the right size is key. 

But what about sizing for a puppy?

While all of this has been laid out for an adult dog, the question arises, “What about my puppy?” 

It’s certainly a great one, and we have the answer: the Forever Kennel Insert Divider. The divider allows you to customize your kennel to make sure your puppy has the correct size at every stage of its development into adulthood, and, thus, allows you to keep the same kennel throughout its life. This will help with kennel training, too, while saving you money on different-sized kennels from big box stores. 

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