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Limitations and Warnings

Dakota 283 continues to make high quality innovative products that are used to contain and protect your dog. To that end we have been able to serve a vast majority of the dog population with our products. With that said, our framed door products can not contain ALL dogs. We expect that there are some breeds and or pets that are beyond containment with our products. While we have had great success in containing aggressive dogs we are not claiming that we can contain every dog. A good example would be a very aggressive Belgian Malinois.

The owner knows his dog intimately and should be the person that makes the final determination in regard to application of any product used with his or her own pet.

We are working on additional products that will give a higher degree of containment for breeds like the Belgian Malinois and expect to have these products to the market by 2019. If you have any questions in regard to these products or if the FRM door is right for your dog please reach out to us and we can help you through the decision process.