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Hunt The Proving Grounds

Hunt The Proving Grounds...

Where the Dakota 283 products were born. We first tested all of our products at the Cronkhite Farm, and we invite you to take part of the experience and hunt at our proving grounds. At Cronkhite Farm, our ideas for pet protection became reality. It's our own little slice of heaven and the perfect place to enjoy a hunting adventure of your own. Join us, and Honor the Hunt at the Cronkhite Farm.

Book your hunt today— visit Cronkhite Farms’ 2800 acres of continuous farm for amazing pheasant and game hunting. We’ve hunted these grounds with our products and now you can too. HONOR THE HUNT and make the Cronkhite Farm your next hunting destination.



What to expect?

Located in Draper, South Dakota, the Cronkhite Farm provides the full experience. Get out of the city and enjoy the amazing accommodations provided to our hunting parties.

Hunting parties are welcomed with:

  • Farmhouse accommodations for up to 12 including:
  • Daily guided pheasant hunts.
  • Big screen TV with satellite and DVR.
  • High-speed internet
  • Full kitchen and local restaurants nearby.
  • Trained hunting dogs that flush and retrieve more than 1000 wild pheasant roosters each season.
  • Wild prey (no cage raised birds here)

What is Cronkhite Farms

In 2011, Greg and Jane Cronkhite purchased the farm and developed it into their real life research lab for the Dakota283 products. We test, hunt on and maintain the grounds. Share your pest protection needs with the pros and maybe you can inspire our next product,

Get the real Dakota283 experience at Cronkhite Farms. For more details and to book your hunt visit Cronkhite Farms today.


We’ll see you on the hunt.

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