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Become a Dakota Hero

So you want to be a Dakota Hero!

Here is how you become one..

We are excited you are interested in becoming a Dakota 283 Hero. We love our products and we are excited that there are others out there that love them too! They all have stories. Stories about their lives, stories about their loves and stories about their best friends. This is your platform to tell your story. Make it personal and tell us how you feel about keeping your pet’s protected, warm safe and ready for a bright tomorrow. At the end of the day you are a dog lover just like us lets share our stories with each other.

Please email the following to greg@goodideasinc.com

Here is what we need…

  • Several action photos showing us what you do best whether it be a breeder, hunter, show dog owner, trainer, guide whatever…we want to see it and post it. We will need a good quality in the field (head shot) so everyone can see your smiling face and any other photos you can share showing us your specialty in action!
  • Answer the following questions :
    • What is your specialty? (guide, trainer breeder etc) Then a general description of what you do.
    • What gets you pumped up every day about what you do?
    • What goals have you not accomplished?
    • What keeps you up at night in pursuit of your goals?
    • What do you love most about the Dakota 283 products
    • Contact information: Company name, address, phone number, email address