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Stephanie Garcia


What is your specialty?

Dog Enthusiast and Amateur Protection Sport Trainer

Tell us more about what you do.

My routines are pretty structured due to necessity. My biggest challenge is time. I have two demanding professional jobs, the dogs, a 5-year old daughter and still try to make time for a social life. I am generally up at 5AM, and working dogs shortly after in obedience, or throwing a ball for them. My daughter gets up at 6, and we get ready for work and school. I go to work, then come home and get my kiddo off the bus, get home, and let the dogs out. From there, I spend time with my daughter, do mini obedience sessions with the dogs etc. Twice a week I work dogs at a PSA club 45 minutes away one way. To say I am busy is an understatement, but I wouldn't change it for anything. 

What gets you pumped up every day about what you do?

Watching the dogs catch on to something new I have taught them. 

What goals have you not accomplished?

Training a dog to a PSA 3 title.

What keeps you up at night in pursuit of your goals?

Knowing there are others out there working just as hard or harder than I am.


What do you love most about the Dakota 283 products?

Quality and price. Dakota kennels are probably the nicest and most well thought out design I have seen. Price based on the design and options that come with the kennel were paramount. Being able to stack kennels neatly without unsightly hinges that had to be screwed into the plastic was at the top of the requirements list.


Rocking G Ranches, LLC

6709 Alleyton Dr

Austin, TX



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