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Scott Caldwell

Dakota 283 Hero Scott

Q: What is your specialty?


Q: Tell us more about what you do:

A: We pride ourselves with providing True German dogs that are dual registered and tested in both NADKC and NAVHDA. We have worked extensively to bring some the best lines available from Germany and Europe in order to bring back the "German" in the German Shorthaired Pointer. All of our dogs embody the original design and purpose of these fine dogs. Dogs should be noble and biddable in the house yet work energetically with high cooperation in the field. We exclusively breed for calmness and incredible natural ability GSPs. RGKs bloodlines are some of the best managed lines in the world. We stand behind every dog we sell and will work extensively to ensure that you are matched with EXACTLY what you are looking for.

Rusty Guns Kennel and Training Facility is composed of 150 acres of mixed agricultural and wetlands exclusively designed to train versatile hunting dogs and their owners. We additionally we have access to 1000 acres of agriculture and wooded land for bird hunting and dog training use, with 100 acres of additional land converted back to wetlands that we use for testing NAVHDA and NADKC dogs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to breed, train and support NADKC and NAVHDA exclusive dogs and events.

Q: What gets you pumped up every day about what you do?

A: It has to be the satisfaction of seeing an owner/dog successfully accomplish their own personal goals. I love to work with dogs and their owners to see them actually realize their dreams and goals for a dog/pup. I often say the only difference between a “pro” or good trainer and the average joe is this;

“This may be your first or second dog to train, it’s my 1000th+.” Much of my knowledge has been due to the actual act of training and testing dogs over the years. This along with being humble and listening to the people, breeders, trainers and judges that have been doing this a LONG time.

There are no experts in the dog world, just people with a lot of experience and knowledge. Every dog is different and no situation is ever the same. I like to be just as versatile in my training as the dogs are supposed to be in the field, and read the dogs response and behavior in order to get the best response.

Scott, Dakota Hero 

 Q: What goals have you not accomplished?

A: Personally owned dog with both the NAVHDA Versatile Champion title and the Kleemans Certification title for Deutsch Kurzhaars. That would be the equivalent of the same college football team winning the National Title and the Super bowl in the same year. I have some smaller goals which include acquiring more property for training and testing, finishing and building an amazing kennel facility and spending an entire hunting season out west hunting upland and waterfowl, but those are all already in the planning stages ;)

Dakota 283 Hero

Q: What keeps you up at night in pursuit of your goals?

A: Really how close I am to achieving them, sleep is overrated. No matter how tired I feel or long the day/week is I find time to work dogs, regardless of conditions. I still manage a 40hr week job and there are many of afternoons that training occurs with headlamps and lights. Or many of weekend training/testing trips that end with us pulling in to the driveway with just enough time to get a few hours of sleep before the Monday morning grind begins. But I know that by doing these things the reward will be all the goals I’ve listed achieved!

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Q: What do you love most about the Dakota 283 products

A: I was lucky to have linked up with Dakota. The company does embody the slogan and they take user feedback to heart when developing/improving their products. It shows in everything they do. The Dash and Dine is amazingly simple yet effective for the on the go hunter/testing/trainer. And the kennels are amazing, simple and TOUGH! We use all our kennels for inside use as well as in the trucks, Polaris and  RV. They stake well, easy to move with the single handle and easy to maintain. Did I say they were tough? All our kennels probably get more abuse then use. Like I said they get moved a lot, thrown a lot, dropped, dragged, kicked… you get the idea. Yet I’m not worried at all for any of dog’s safety because these kennels can take it all and will last you a lifetime.

Dakota 283 Kennels 


Rusty Guns Kennel

553 Farrar Dairy Rd

Lillington, NC 27546



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