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Nick Green


What is your specialty?

Magazine Editor and Avid Upland Hunter

Tell us more about what you do.

I bought my first bird dog in 2017 and quickly harvested my first wild bird over him. Since that time, I have invested countless towards finishing both of my dogs — steady to wing, fall and shot and a flawless retrieve to hand. There have been setbacks, but always having them by my side makes each hunt in the covert or sit in the duck marsh that much more enjoyable.

What gets you pumped up every day about what you do?

I get to write about and talk about hunting and fishing every day. Who wouldn't be pumped?

What goals have you not accomplished?

In terms of birds and dogs, I have yet to harvest a ruffed grouse limit over my dogs. In terms of training, I would like to finish a Senior Hunter on my shorthair before he turns 2.

What keeps you up at night in pursuit of your goals?

Dreams of grouse flushing, fish taking dry flies and mallards circling. That's normal, isn't it?

What do you love most about the Dakota 283 products?

The durability, ease of use and color combinations.



Michigan Out-of-Doors

 2101 Wood St. 

Lansing, MI




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