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Jake Fleischmann

What is your specialty? 

I would call myself and my team here at Top Lethal Outdoors, Outdoor Enthusiast, who have a passion for the outdoors. We have guys on the team that specialize in Hunting Deer. Than we have guys that live and breathe waterfowl. As general statement we are a very well rounded group of guys.

Tell us more about what you do (routines you have, challenges you face or problems you solve, etc.)

My team consists of 6 guys spread across the state of Nebraska. We hunt everything from Big Game to Waterfowl and Upland Game. Out of the 6 guys on my team, 5 of us have hunting dogs and their safety and health is very important to each one of us. With that being said I started my company with one simple goal in mind share my memories from the field with the world through photography and videography. As of right now, the main channels for us for sharing content have been Instagram & Facebook.

What gets you pumped up every day about what you do?

So for me, the Hunting Company is something that I am trying to grow on the side since we are still a relatively new company. I would say during the season for me hunting is not a hobby. It goes deeper than that is part of who I am. It's something I think about constantly. So my main excitement and drive if put simply is to experience more fantastic memories hunting with Family and Friends and share that with the world.

What goals have you not accomplished?

I think a major goal is to someday get the opportunity to share our content with a greater audience through a network deal. As well as we continue to make lasting relationships in the industry as we develop our skills of content creation.

What keeps you up at night in pursuit of your goals?

Brainstorming to think of new and creative ways to share and develop content, and dreaming of bigger opportunities.

What do you love most about the Dakota 283 products?

We have yet to put our hands on any of your products. Although from what I can gather from your website and social media pages. Quality and Safety are very important to your team. Because at the end of the day whether you have a full limit or not it's about getting home safe so you are able to go out again and experience more of the great outdoors. Your products look very durable and would last for many years.

Contact information: 

Top Lethal Outdoors

Address: 2000 N 112th Lincoln, NE

Phone: 4028905564

Email: jtoplethaloutdoors@gmail.com

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