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Graeme Crawford

What is your specialty? 
Guide, trainer, breeder, boarding facility and social media freak

Tell us more about what you do 
I trained bird dogs as much as I can to the top field trial standards. Our dogs have won dog of the year for a large region a few times and horseback trials. I mostly trained pointing and flushing dogs and like to document my Journeys through pictures on Instagram. I go wherever I need to go to make my dogs better and better. I am blessed to have access to tons of wild birds, and top trainers to train with. I enjoy passing my knowledge on to folks who are new to this awesome addiction. It might sound hokey but the reason why I'm reaching out to you guys is I have never found a kennel that can handle the abuse that I put them through. From what I can see your products stand the best chance. Should we connect you are always more than welcome to join me on a hunt "waterfowl or upland" and you can have my word that I will take as many great photos as I can with your product and my beautiful dogs. I'm sure you have somebody who runs your social media page as they have reposted a couple of my pictures before one of recent. Thank you. But you can see my photo abilities there, @pointprovenkennels. living in Canada has its challenges for shipping and such. The nice thing about me is that I live close to the border and can easily go get products in North Dakota or Minnesota. I spend a great deal of time in North Dakota in the summer as well training on the Prairies with my mentor from Louisiana.
What gets you pumped up every day about what you do?
I love being outside exploring the prairies and seeing dogs develop. No better feeling when a dog puts it all together. Dogs, horses and mother nature what more does a person need?
What goals have you not accomplished?
Winning AFTCA dog of the year for North America. I also want to have my dogs point every game bird in North America. I have a few left.

What keeps you up at night in pursuit of your goals?
Figuring how to afford the next adventure! I love these dogs but everything comes at a price. We push as hard as we can even if we have to get creative!

What do you love most about the Dakota 283 products?
There is a lot to like. One thing I really enjoy is the D283 side framed kennel. So smart, it would allow me to fit more dogs on my trips in the back of my truck, just the way I have in my mind that I could lay them out. The vaults are incredible as well, I also like the dine and dash system, It sure beats the plastic bag with dog food in it. Lastly I like the durability aspect of the products. I like the fact that they are design for tie downs and straps. These kennels are built for hunters that want to keep their dog safe.

Contact Info:
Company name
Artemis Pet Resort, Point Priven Kennels, TFA OUTDOORS
Box 138, GRP 337, RR3, Selkirk, MB, R1A2A8, Canada
Phone number

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