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Clyde E. Vetter


What is your specialty?

Versatile Gun Dog Trainer/GSP Breeder

Tell us more about what you do.

We breed and train dogs to be what we call an Elite Hunting Dog. Growing up in North Dakota and having a second home there has allowed us to evaluate first and foremost the characteristics we love in a Versatile Hunting Dog. Secondly we use the NAVHDA Testing program to test their talent and composure even more. We believe a dog can have the talent and performance to achieve the highest title in NAVHDA, maintain its composure through the training for it, while having the livability to be a civil citizen. Our dogs are put through a rigorous training program, and hunted on wild birds from 4 months on, and have to pass our hefty requirements to become a breedable dog. Our goal is to always breed a dog that is a fantastic family companion (as we live with them 365 days a year), an elite hunting dog and to improve the breed. SSK has produced 52 litters earning 68 NAVHDA Breeder Awards (39 Natural Ability, 16 Utility, and 13 Invitational) and 55 NAVHDA Versatile Champions. I am a NAVHDA Clinician, Invitational Judge, Sr. Judge and Acting Sr. Judge program manager. I have handled dogs in 360 NAVHDA tests with 190 unique dogs, earning a 90% passing ratio; passed 28 dogs at the NAVHDA Invitational earning the title of Versatile Champion, 165 Prize I's and earned numerous AKC Mater Hunter titles.

What gets you pumped up every day about what you do?

I love being outdoors, working with dogs and their owners, molding them and watching them grow daily and become more and more confident in what they do. It all eventually leads to owning an elite hunting dog and being hooked up with them.

What goals have you not accomplished?

A series of books that outlines our philosophies on training, breeding, whelping and how to raise puppies to be all they can be. I would also like to bring to market several of the things that I have modified and or built over the years to make our life as trainers/breeders easier.

What keeps you up at night in pursuit of your goals?

LOL, the fact that my mind doesn't shut down easy is what keeps me up.

What do you love most about the Dakota 283 products?

Greg and his crew have built an incredible product. I have used them first hand and so have several clients. If you are looking for an extremely durable kennel with a door that will hold up with locking capability's this is it. If you travel and or fly your dog on various hunting trips their kennels will protect your dog and keep them safe so that you can enjoy the hunt. They have many great features and not having angled sides allows for more floor space for your dog to be comfortable. Dakota 283 also listens to their clients and are continually improving on an already great product.


Sharp Shooter's Kennel

1302 130th Ave

New Richmond, WI 54017



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