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Andrea Rigler

Andrea Rigler

What is your specialty?

Dog trainer/Performer

Andrea Rigler

Tell us more about what you do.

I live with 16 high drive herding mixes, performing in disc, dock, agility, and tricks around the country.

Andrea Rigler

What gets you pumped up everyday about what you do?

Training a new freestyle disc move or segment that is unique. Seeing progress in training with my dogs.

Andrea Rigler

What goals have you not accomplished?

Combined world championship.

Andrea Rigler

What keeps you up at night in pursuit of your goals?

Balancing life time and training time.

Andrea Rigler

What do you love most about the Dakota 283 products?

Their versatility for home, vehicles, and flight travel.


DragonDogs Entertainment

102 Carol Drive

Eureka, MO



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